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Lottery Win for Caerphilly Gran

Lottery Win for Caerphilly Gran
Updated: Monday 20th July 2015

A National Lottery player from Caerphilly in Wales is celebrating after winning a Lotto prize worth £118,406. Hilary Carter, who is a great grandmother at the age of 65, matched the five main numbers and the bonus ball in the draw that took place on Wednesday 5 August, 2009. However, she didn’t discover her six figure win until she visited her regular hair salon for her weekly cut and blow dry…

It was whilst sitting in the hairdressers that one of the stylists left the shop to carry out some business errands and returned with news of the latest lottery results. Hilary has been playing the Lotto game with the same set of numbers ever since it was first launched in November 1994, so when the stylist read out the results the great grandmother recognised five of them immediately.

Hilary was delighted with what she thought was a five number win worth around £2,000, but the noise of the hair dryers had prevented her from realising that she had also matched the bonus ball – an achievement that added another £116,000 to her anticipated prize!

“I am now starting to believe that it is actually real and I’m not dreaming,” the lottery winner said. “Since finding out I have cried, laughed, and been very excited – I really have felt like I’ve been on a roller coaster.

“I’ve been going to the salon every Friday for many years and always get a bus home from there. But this time I was so shocked that I had to get a taxi. When I got home one of my friends could see that I wasn’t my normal self and asked if I was OK.

“I still didn’t believe that I had won, so I asked her to check my ticket. I knew the numbers off the top of my head as they are all very important dates or occasions for me, but I needed her to check and check again until I could really believe it.”

Now that Hilary is £118,406 richer than she was before her midweek lottery win, she is thinking carefully about how to put her sizeable windfall to good use. “A group of us in the Over 50s Club are planning a holiday in October,” she said. “It’s been paid for and booked for months, so we’re now just waiting to go. I don’t have any grand plans of jetting off on foreign holidays with my winnings, I think I’ll just make sure that I can spend plenty of time with my family and good friends.”

The lottery jackpot this Wednesday 19 August, 2009 will be worth an estimated £2.4 million. If you fancy having a go at winning you can buy lottery tickets online.

Published: Tuesday 18th August 2009

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