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Lottery Syndicate Scoops a Million!

Lottery Syndicate Scoops a Million!
Updated: Thursday 17th November 2016

A syndicate of marathon runners in Cornwall won a EuroMillions Millionaire Maker prize worth £1 million in the draw that was held on Friday 14 October, but they almost threw the prize away. The group of Mount’s Bay Harriers running club members, which is led by Nicky Morse, bought a total of 13 tickets from an outlet at Exeter Airport as they set off for a running weekend in Amsterdam. The group bought the tickets for the simple reason that Nicky had a gut feeling that they were due some good luck.

The runners checked their numbers against the main EuroMillions results when they returned to the UK, but they hadn’t won anything in that game and so the tickets were balled up and discarded. However, Nicky wasn’t quite so quick to give up on their entries, so he took them home to check them again. This time he also checked the Millionaire Maker codes, and promptly discovered that one of them had won the syndicate a seven-figure fortune.

Nicky called the other members to inform them of the win, but not all of them were convinced that he wasn’t joking, so he got together with them in person the next day to show them the evidence. It didn’t take long for them to accept the win as genuine once everyone had seen the ticket, and the syndicate is now celebrating a windfall of £76,923 per member.

It is always fantastic to hear lottery success stories, and we certainly congratulate the Mount’s Bay Harriers on their £1 million win, but we can’t help thinking that it would have been so easy for them to have missed out on that prize. We would urge all lottery players to get into the habit of checking their tickets thoroughly, and to remember to check all Millionaire Maker, Millionaire Raffle and other codes that may be present in order to avoid throwing away a big win. Using our free Lottery Results Checkers should prove helpful in this respect, as they can do much of the hard work for you.

The Mount’s Bay Harriers lottery syndicate is just one of many that have been successful over the years, and that isn’t really surprising. By playing together as a group, a syndicate can afford to buy more tickets per lottery draw than each member would probably want to purchase as an individual. That increases the chances of a lottery prize being won in every draw, but still keeps costs down for the members. You can find out more about this innovative way of playing – including an explanation of how lottery groups work, how to join one and how to start one of your own – by visiting our Lottery Syndicates area. 

Published: Thursday 17th November 2016

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