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Lottery Success for Spar Syndicate

Lottery Success for Spar Syndicate
Updated: Friday 18th September 2015

A syndicate of 98 National Lottery players matched five numbers and the bonus ball to win £96,869 on Saturday 11 July, 2009. The syndicate, which consists of staff and customers of a Spar store in County Londonderry, Northern Ireland, plays 98 tickets at a time – one for each member. As well as the big second tier prize the syndicate also managed to win 28 other prizes totalling £2,147.

Lottery syndicates are always hitting the headlines for the simply reason that they work. If one lottery ticket gives you one chance of becoming a lottery winner then getting together with some friends or colleagues and sharing interests in ten tickets gives you ten times the chance of winning. The Spar store syndicate took this principle even further by allowing even more players to join, and the idea has worked well!

Although a jackpot has so far eluded the Spar syndicate, a second tier prize is not to be sniffed at, and each player has effectively won around £1,000 for their £1 entry. And even if the syndicate had missed out on the £96,869 second prize, it might still have made a very nice profit from a series of smaller prizes.

Some players might argue that matching five numbers and a bonus ball to end up just £1,000 richer is a waste of time, but that is really a backwards way of looking at things. The lottery results actually won the syndicate 96,869 for a single ticket – the fact that the same amount was shared equally between 98 members of a syndicate is a totally separate issue. In our view, it is better to win a 1% share of a big prize than a 100% share of no prize, and that’s why we encourage readers to consider joining or forming their own lottery syndicate if they haven’t already done so.

Our article on Lottery Syndicates explains exactly how to set up a lottery syndicate in your workplace, neighbourhood or social club. It needn’t be a complicated process at all, and in the majority of cases you could be up and running in as little as a day or two. In fact, you could decide to start a syndicate and be buying your first batch of tickets on the same day. Note that if you buy lottery tickets online you create a handy proof of purchase that can help your syndicate to operate smoothly without any arguments breaking out.

We congratulate the Spar syndicate of 98 members and thank them for once again proving that lottery syndicates really do win their fair share of prizes!

Published: Tuesday 21st July 2009

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