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Scratchcard Player Wins Jackpot!

Scratchcard Player Wins Jackpot!
Updated: Thursday 28th January 2016

A lottery scratchcard player is celebrating after winning a jackpot prize worth £3 million from a ticket that she only purchased because she had ‘the exact change’ in her pocket at the time. Susan Richards, who lives in Rochford in Essex, visited a Sainsbury’s store after finishing a long night shift as a carer. She decided to buy the £250 Million Cash Spectacular Scratchcard after taking the change from her pocket and seeing that it totalled £10, which was exactly what the lottery game cost to play. 

Susan took the scratchcard back to her car and scratched the panels. She realised she had won a prize before knowing how much it was worth, then she scratched the prize panel and saw ‘£3MIL’ printed underneath. 

‘I was in a total state of shock,’ Susan said. ‘I got out of the car and went back into the store where I asked to see the manager. 'I think he must have realised by the look on my face that something serious had happened especially after I showed the scratchcard to him!’

The store manager helped Susan to call the lottery game operator from his office so that the win could be verified. She then returned to her car and called her partner, Barry, to share the good news.

‘Barry could tell something was up as soon as he heard my voice and he jokingly said, “What's up, you sound like you've got a feather in your knickers?”, to which I replied, “I've got a blooming big feather in my knickers, in fact it's a £3million feather in my knickers!” 'I quickly explained what I meant, he whooped with joy and we agreed to meet back at the house.'

Susan has been thinking about what to do with her new-found wealth, and a handful of plans have already been made. ‘There are a few “when I win the lottery” dreams I’ve always had and that I can now put into action,’ Susan said. ‘Top of that list is a motorhome so we can pack up and hit the road anytime we want. And of course we’ll need a new house with a decent driveway to park it on so we will be house-hunting this week. It doesn’t need to be huge, a nice three or four bedroom, but it must have a swimming pool! And the last bit of my shopping list is a nice Audi TT cabriolet.’

The brand new multi-millionaire has two sons with Barry, and she intends to use some of her winnings to help them get a good start in life. ‘We are a really close family and we’ve always been there for one another,’ she said. ‘At last I’m in a position to make the future secure and stable for everyone. My two boys will get a helping hand onto the property ladder, although if I get that place with a pool the temptation to stay with mum might be too great!’

We congratulate Susan and her family on her win and we wish them every happiness in the future. For those of you who have been inspired to try and land a scratchcard prize of your own, our Scratchcards section has plenty of games to choose from, so feel free to explore the titles available and good luck!

Published: Thursday 28th January 2016

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