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Lottery Prayers Answered

Lottery Prayers Answered
Updated: Friday 25th April 2014

Louise Fletcher from Winlanton left the service at her local church on Sunday 5 April, 2009 and was met by her husband Jeff, who told her that they had won £140,933 on the Lotto the night before. Jeff explained that he had checked their National Lottery results at home and had immediately come out to share the good news with her.

“I had my suspicions at first and even though Jeff was persuasive I thought he’d read the wrong numbers or had forgotten to put on his glasses when checking the ticket!” Louise explained. “We then drove to the local shop where we bought it and after checking the numbers they confirmed that our ticket was a winner!”
The lottery results for Saturday 4 April, 2009, were 11, 18, 28, 32, 36 and 39. Louise and Jeff had matched five of those main numbers and the bonus ball as well, which was 21.

“My head is still all over the place,” Louise said. “The drive from St Joseph’s Church to the shop was one of the longest moments of my life! I didn’t want to believe it as I didn’t want to be disappointed, although I had spent it many times over in my head by the time we had got there!”

When the good news about the lottery win had sunk in, Louise went to tell her mother and father in law, who were just as pleased as she was.

“We are still so excited even though we haven’t had chance to celebrate yet,” Louise said. “We wouldn’t pack in work but it is nice to know that we have a lump sum – especially at the moment. We will definitely be having a family party and drinking a few bottles of champagne I hope!”

The couple have two children aged nine and four, and they are planning to spend some of their Lotto fortune on a holiday for their family. They will also be paying off their mortgage and buying a new car.

Published: Monday 27th April 2009

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