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Lottery Luck Strikes Twice!

Lottery Luck Strikes Twice!
Updated: Thursday 2nd April 2015

Winning a seven-figure prize in a lottery game is something that most people would view as a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but a couple from Scunthorpe has shown that lottery luck really can strike twice. David Long and his wife Kathleen won £1 million in the Millionaire Maker game (which used to be known as the Millionaire Raffle) in April 2013 with a ticket that they originally threw away because they thought that it had won just £2.70 in the main EuroMillions draw. Then, just last week, the couple won another prize of £1 million in the Millionaire Maker Mega Friday draw!

Lottery officials have said that the odds of someone winning twice in this manner are 1 in 283 billion. We doubt the accuracy of that estimate, because those are the odds of the couple entering just two draws with one ticket in each and winning with both of them, and it does not take into account any of the other draws that they might have participated in. Even so, the odds against winning two seven figure prizes in the space of a few years are still astronomical, and the Longs must be feeling suitably over the moon.

We congratulate David and Kathleen (we don’t yet know if they will endeavour to score themselves a lottery hat-trick) and we wish them the very best of luck in the future. We also wish lots of luck to anyone who feels inspired to try and land their own EuroMillions fortune this Friday. The jackpot will be worth around £10 million and the Millionaire Maker game is guaranteed to deliver a separate prize of £1 million to a player in the UK, so if you get involved it could be your turn next!

Anyone who doesn’t win big this Friday can have a go at landing some Lottery loot on Saturday instead. The Lotto results on Wednesday 1 April were 11, 15, 18, 22, 41 and 49, and the Bonus Ball was 37. The jackpot had been landed in each of the previous 10 draws leading up to last night’s game, but the lucky streak ended this time because no ticket could match all six main numbers.

Of course, there were plenty of consolation prizes won in the Lotto game last night, and one ticket gave its owner an impressive second tier prize of £176,647 by matching five main numbers plus the Bonus Ball. More than 136,000 prizes were won in total in the main game, and another 50 Lotto Raffle prizes were also landed, giving £20,000 to each of the players concerned.

The next Lotto jackpot this Saturday will be worth an estimated £5.4 million, so whether you want to pursue that prize, aim for the £10 million that will be up for grabs in the EuroMillions game on Friday, or have a shot at both prizes, click here to play online. Who knows – you might find that lottery luck can strike twice for you too!

Written by Tony Sharpe

Published: Thursday 2nd April 2015

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