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Lottery Jackpots Roll into April!

Lottery Jackpots Roll into April!

Lottery fans will have two massive jackpots to play for over the first two days of April after the top prizes in both the midweek EuroMillions and Lotto games eluded players everywhere. The EuroMillions game this Friday will offer a triple rollover jackpot worth around £31 million, and the Lotto game on Saturday will boast a jackpot of around £33.2 million thanks to rollovers occurring in each of the last 11 draws.

The Lotto results on Wednesday 30 March were 05, 13, 24, 31, 40 and 41, with the number 07 appearing as the Bonus Ball. The current spate of jackpot rollovers is sometimes blamed on the additional numbers that came into play last October, and it stands to reason that those additional numbers do play a role. However, on Wednesday all of the numbers that were drawn were well within the original range of 1 to 49, demonstrating that rollovers are just a fact of lottery life. Of course, the good thing about rollovers is that they make it possible for us to play for genuinely colossal sums of money, so they aren’t all bad by any means.

Two players won a second tier prize worth £29,757 each in the midweek Lotto game by matching five of the main numbers plus the Bonus Ball. There were 92 tickets that matched five of the main numbers only to win £680 each, and another 4,980 tickets picked up a prize of £81 each by matching four main numbers. More than a million tickets won smaller prizes, and one player is now £1 million richer after matching the Lotto Millionaire Raffle number RUBY 7694 7995.

The most overdue Lotto numbers as we approach the next game on Saturday 2 April are 45, 20, 03, 28, 55 and 46. For the EuroMillions game on Friday 1 April, the most overdue main numbers to look out for are 45, 17, 11, 18 and 35, whilst the most overdue Lucky Star numbers are 04 and 01.

Many players have recently rediscovered the appeal of playing random selections of numbers, so it is worth pointing out that our free lottery apps, which can be used to check the latest results just as soon as they are known, also feature built-in number generators. Downloading and installing an app takes just a few seconds, so visit our Lottery Apps page for more information and help yourself!

However you choose your numbers for the coming games, be sure to check the results as soon as you can after the draws so that you can claim any prize due to you without delay. And, as always, if you win big, be sure to let us know about it! Good luck!

Published: Thursday 31st March 2016

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