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Lottery Jackpots Elude Players

Lottery Jackpots Elude Players
Updated: Monday 16th June 2014

Lottery players who had hoped to land themselves a life-changing jackpot in the most recent EuroMillions and Lotto draws were left disappointed after no player in either game succeeded in matching all of the numbers selected. The good news is that the Millionaire Raffle game did create one winner of £1,000,000, and there were millions of pounds won in the form of consolation prizes.  Even more good news is that the rollovers last Friday and Saturday have given lottery players the chance to win EuroMillions and Lotto jackpots worth £17 million and £5.9 million this Tuesday and Wednesday.

The EuroMillions results on Friday 5 April were 06, 10, 28, 45 and 50, with the numbers 10 and 11 appearing as the Lucky Stars. There were no UK winners at the second or third prize tiers on Friday, but 8 of 51 tickets at the fourth tier had been purchased in this country, winning their owners £3,283 each by matching four main numbers and both Lucky Stars. More than 2.35 million prizes were won in total, with UK players sharing over £2.64 million. Another £1 million was won by the player who matched the Millionaire Raffle number NBW113280.

In the Lotto game on Saturday 6 April, the main numbers drawn were 03, 07, 20, 31, 43 and 45. We have already established that the jackpot rolled over, so the biggest winners were found at the second tier, where three tickets won £115,333 each by matching five main numbers and the Bonus Ball number, which was 41. There were 300,442 tickets that won prizes for matching five, four or three main numbers only, and another 50 players won £20,000 each in the Lotto Raffle game. 

Health Lottery players didn't fare much better than those in the EuroMillions or Lotto games as far as winning a top prize was concerned, because no ticket matched all five main numbers. The Health Lottery results on Saturday were 03, 25, 34, 42 and 49, and the Bonus Ball was 15. Again, consolation prizes came to the rescue, and over 60,000 tickets won prizes of up to £10,000 each.

Whilst a weekend without jackpot winners is always a tad disappointing, it does give us plenty to get excited about in the week ahead. Visit this page to buy your lottery tickets online and you just might be a multimillionaire by the end of the week!

Written by Tony Sharpe

Published: Monday 7th April 2014

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