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Lottery Jackpot for Lucky Sailors

Lottery Jackpot for Lucky Sailors
Updated: Tuesday 8th April 2014

A married couple who have been sailing together for over thirty years had to turn their yacht around in the middle of a ten week trip after discovering that their Lotto numbers had won them a jackpot worth £6,123,395. Retired journalists Richard and Cathy Brown had embarked on a voyage around Britain and were stopping over in Newcastle when Richard decided to check the lottery results using a new mobile app that he had downloaded. He was glad he did, because their numbers had helped them to win the biggest prize possible in the Lotto game on Wednesday 29 May.

‘We tend to buy a months’ worth of tickets in our local Sainsbury’s for the Lotto draw,’ Richard explained, ‘so before we set out on our adventure around Britain, I had stocked up for the first month. As we were settling in for the evening in Newcastle I decided to use the app I’d just downloaded as a bit of an experiment.’

Discovering that you’re a jackpot winner is a momentous thing, and Richard’s wife was right there to share in the experience. ‘Cathy was looking over my shoulder,’ Richard said, ‘first of all to see the app in action and then we both realised that we had four, then five and then six of the numbers. I turned to my wife of 39 years and said, “You’re a multimillionaire!” Despite our stiff gin and tonic, we are still reeling from that particular status.’

The couple called the lottery organisers to confirm their win, and agreed to return to their home town of Ipswich to sort out their claim. That meant deviating from their planned sailing route, but with more than £6.1 million at stake, it wasn’t a hard decision to make.

Richard and Cathy’s lottery win has now been processed and the couple are thinking hard about what to do with their fortune. ‘I’m still walking about in a bit of a daze at the change in our circumstances,’ Cathy admitted. ‘I never thought we would win the jackpot but I’m ever so glad we have! While I think our lives will change in many ways with a bigger house once more, nicer cars and possibly a new yacht, I’m not daunted. We have great friends and we already had a great life before the win; this is simply the very nice, top-of-the-range, icing on the cake.’

We congratulate Richard and Cathy on their jackpot success, and we hope that they enjoy every penny of their prize. As for those who have been inspired by this story, click here to buy tickets for the next Lotto game and the next jackpot winner could be you!

Written by Tony Sharpe

Published: Wednesday 12th June 2013

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