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Lottery Funding for Bletchley Park

Lottery Funding for Bletchley Park
Updated: Friday 25th April 2014

Bletchley Park in Milton Keynes has been awarded development funding worth £460,500 from the Heritage Lottery Fund and could well receive millions more if an application for over £4 million proves successful. Bletchley Park is of course famous for the code-breaking activities that took place there during World War II, and the lottery funding will help to ensure that visitors can continue to enjoy and learn about the history of this important location.

Stephen Fry, who is as well known for his love of our heritage as he is for his work as an actor and writer, was delighted with the announcement of the Bletchley Park lottery funding.

“The news that Bletchley Park has the initial support of the Heritage Lottery Fund is simply wonderful,” he said. “And yet, what should the Heritage Lottery Fund do if not exactly this? As each year passes it is becoming clearer and clearer just how vital a role in winning the war Bletchley played.

“Three things have become necessary: firstly, an apology to Alan Turing for how the nation he helped preserve turned its back on him and allowed his humiliation, neglect and suicide: secondly, national recognition and citation for all those who contributed to the unique and astonishingly dedicated, imaginative and skilful contribution played there: thirdly the preservation, maintenance and development of the present Bletchley Park house and grounds into a world class site.

“The Prime Minister’s apology on behalf of the nation to Alan Turing last month was the first step, the government announcement in May of Commemorative Badges for Bletchley Park veterans was the second and this momentous news of a Heritage Lottery Fund development grant is the third.”

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Published: Thursday 1st October 2009

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