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Londonderry Lotto Winner

Londonderry Lotto Winner
Updated: Tuesday 27th January 2015

The Lotto jackpot on Saturday 1 August, 2009 was won by a 49 year old man from County Londonderry in Northern Ireland. Seamus Duffy matched all six main lottery numbers (2, 6, 27, 28, 40 and 49) to scoop the top prize of £4,593,096. That means the Lotto jackpot has now been reset and players have £2.4 million to play for this Wednesday 5 August.

Regular Lotto players will know that the odds of winning the jackpot outright are 1 in 13,983,816, and that those odds are exactly the same whether you buy a ticket from an offline retailer or choose the much more convenient option of buying lottery tickets online. The odds are also the same regardless of whether you choose to play your own selection of numbers or go for the Lucky Dip and have your numbers selected at random.

Keeping a lottery win quiet is never easy, and word of the jackpot winning ticket belonging to a County Londonderry player soon spread throughout the area. The official lottery organisers have not yet released any details about the winner, but it is only a matter of time before the full story of his success is revealed.

The Londonderry lottery winner will undoubtedly inspire many players in the area to take the prospect of winning a lot more seriously in the coming weeks and months. Many lottery players love the idea of winning a life-changing Lotto jackpot, but tend to believe that such things only happen to other people. However, if you read the success stories of previous jackpot winners you will quickly realise that the lottery millionaires also felt the same way. All jackpot winners bought their tickets despite any doubts that they might have had about winning and the vast majority of them are delighted that they decided to give themselves the chance to succeed.

Each lottery draw pays out millions in prizes even when the jackpot itself proves elusive, so there’s everything to play for. If you too would like to give yourself a chance to win several million pounds then doing so is easy – simply buy your tickets, keep your fingers crossed and keep an eye on those all-important lottery results!

Published: Tuesday 4th August 2009

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