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London 2012 Balloon Launched

London 2012 Balloon Launched
Updated: Thursday 24th April 2014

A hot air balloon has been launched by National Lottery organisers in the UK to thank players for the money that their gaming has helped to raise for the London 2012 Olympic Games. The hot air balloon has already been seen in Birmingham and over the next few weeks it will visit Manchester, Cardiff and Sheffield as it tours the nation. When the London 2012 lottery balloon visits each city it will be accompanied by a variety of top athletes, and some National Lottery players will even be able to take to the skies in it for a short while.

The decision to use the lottery to help fund the London 2012 Olympic Games was a controversial one, but most lottery players themselves are quite happy with the arrangement and feel proud that money raised from their ticket purchases is being put to use in this way. The amount raised by lottery players for Good Causes exceeds £25 million every week, and in total around £2.2 billion will be used to help fund the London 2012 Olympic Games.

“Lottery players are making a vital contribution to both athletes like me and the development of the London 2012 venues and their legacy,” said Olympic gold medallist, Tim Brabants. “This hot air balloon is just one way of celebrating their support of the world’s largest sporting event coming to the UK.”

Peter Keen, UK Sport’s Director of Performance, said: “Lottery funding has changed the face of sport in the UK and has contributed to a total of 438 Olympic and Paralympic medals for Great Britain since 1997. The hot air balloon tour is a great way for the public to meet local elite athletes, and for those athletes to be able to thank Lottery players for their support.”

Our advice to lottery players this summer is to keep an eye on the skies, because you just might catch a glimpse of the London 2010 lottery balloon as it quietly passes overhead. And if you live anywhere near Manchester, Cardiff or Sheffield you might get to see the balloon up close and personal!

Wherever you live, buy lottery tickets online today and not only will you be helping to continue funding the London 2012 Olympic Games, you will also give yourself a chance of winning some fantastic jackpots. There is £10 million up for grabs in the Lotto game on Wednesday 4 August and around £12 million in the EuroMillions game on Friday 6 August, so get involved and good luck!

Published: Tuesday 3rd August 2010

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