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Leighton Buzzard Bonus

Leighton Buzzard Bonus
Updated: Tuesday 27th January 2015

Lottery success visited a couple in Leighton Buzzard on Wednesday 2 July, 2008. Chris Hissey and his wife Karen matched five main numbers plus the bonus ball in the Lotto game to win £103,554, but they didn’t discover this until two weeks later.

“We normally check the lotto tickets every two weeks when we shop at Morrisons,” Chris explained. “As usual I asked the lady to check the ticket and she told us we’d won a prize. We went home to check the numbers online and sat staring at the computer screen when the figure of £103,554 flashed up. In shock I got my son Daniel to check the numbers again and again. There were screams, yelps, hoorahs and then total silence.”

Chris is a business manager for a vending machine company, and Karen works as a domestic cleaner. The couple have two adult children aged 20 and 22 and are planning to organise a family holiday.

Chris is also planning to get himself a Football Association Coaching Certificate so that he can train the players in a junior football team. He is currently chairman of Heath Panthers FC and is no doubt keen to help the team realise its full potential.

The couple have been playing the lottery ever since it started. They play both Lucky Dip entries and their own numbers, and on this occasion it was a Lucky Dip ticket that delivered their six-figure win.

Published: Monday 21st July 2008

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