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Legal Lottery Syndicate

Legal Lottery Syndicate
Updated: Friday 18th September 2015

A lottery syndicate of barrister clerks has won £82,379 by matching five main numbers and the bonus ball in the Lotto draw of Saturday 3 May. The London syndicate has fourteen members, so each one will be receiving around £5,884.

The One Crown Office Row syndicate was started eight years ago and is led by 27 year old Oliver Sparkes. The group plays both the Wednesday and Saturday Lotto draws, and enters the same set of eight lines for each. The winning ticket was bought from the syndicate’s regular lottery retailer, which is Radford News on Fleet Street.

“I was at work when I checked the Lotto numbers on the National Lottery website and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I noticed one of our lines matched five balls plus the bonus ball,” Oliver said.

“Apart from two syndicate members, we all work in the same room so through pure joy I shouted out we had won. No-one believed me. They all huddled round my computer and we all cheered together. None of us could concentrate for the rest of the day!”

When Oliver discovered that the syndicate had matched five main numbers and the bonus, he handed the winning ticket to a colleague so that it could be locked away in the office safe. That done, the next item on the agenda was celebration, and each member started thinking about how they plan to spend their windfall.

Oliver himself is planning to visit Thailand and treat his family with gifts. Other members of the syndicate intend to buy everything from clothes and holidays to cars.

The success of this lottery syndicate is yet another example of how getting together with a group of friends, family members or work colleagues can improve your chances of winning. If you aren’t already a member of a lottery syndicate, follow the example of Oliver and his friends and consider joining one or starting your own.

Published: Monday 12th May 2008

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