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Jackpot Winner Comes Forward

Jackpot Winner Comes Forward
Updated: Friday 25th April 2014

A UK lottery player who matched all six main numbers on Saturday 29 August and won a jackpot worth £4,908,817 has finally come forward. Although it is fairly common for lottery winners to wait a day or two before claiming their prize, a wait of more than a week tends to raise the alarm bells, and the lottery organisers weren’t slow to launch a publicity campaign to try and locate the £4.9 million winner.

The lucky lottery winner won the 29 August Lotto game by matching the numbers 9, 18, 34, 37, 39 and 47. We do not know the identity of the winner, but we do know that they purchased their ticket in the Sheffield area. The weekend of that particular draw was a Bank Holiday in the UK, so it could be that the ticket was purchased by a visitor to the area rather than a permanent resident.

Whoever the winner is, we are sure that they will be incredibly relieved to have made their claim before the 180 day deadline, which would have rendered their ticket worthless on 25 February, 2010. If it sounds unlikely that anyone would fail to claim a big prize in that period of time then we ought to point out that it has happened plenty of times before.

The biggest prize that had to be handed over to the fund for Good Causes was worth £9.4 million. That winning ticket had been purchased in the Doncaster area in 2005 (not much more than a stone’s throw from Sheffield) and the person who bought it didn’t claim a penny of their win.

Whilst some players allow a few days or weeks to pass before claiming in order to adjust to the shock of their win, most people who fail to claim are simply unaware that they have anything to claim in the first place. This could be because they have failed to check the lottery results, or because they have had the misfortune to actually lose their ticket. In both cases the problem could have been averted very easily – all they had to do was play the lottery online. When you play online you are notified of any win automatically, and losing your ticket isn’t an issue!

The next Lotto jackpot for the draw on Wednesday 23 September will be worth around £2.4 million, so if you intend to play it would be wise to take the ultra-safe option and buy lottery tickets online.

Published: Tuesday 22nd September 2009

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