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Jackpot Joy for Yorkshire Winners

Jackpot Joy for Yorkshire Winners
Updated: Thursday 24th April 2014

A couple from Yorkshire are beside themselves with joy after winning a half-share of the double rollover jackpot in the Lotto game on Wednesday 9 June. The jackpot for that game was worth £7,374,712, so when Neil and Lesley Dexter matched all six main numbers (14, 26, 33, 45, 46 and 49) along with one other ticket-holder, their entry was suddenly worth £3,687,356. Neil, who owns a cycle shop in York, doesn’t check his own lottery results, so he didn’t find out about his good fortune until he visited his local lottery retailer four days later. What happened next was the kind of thing that all lottery players dream about…

After handing his ticket to the retailer, the ticket was scanned and the lottery machine made a beeping sound. The retailer then told Neil that he would have to check his ticket with the lottery organisers, but that it must be quite a good prize because he was authorised to pay out a few hundred pounds.

“I realised after I left the shop that I had no idea what I had matched in terms of numbers, or any idea what I had won,” Neil said. “I went back into the shop and got the numbers printed out. When I looked at them in my van I just sat there screaming to myself.”

Neil and Lesley have two adult children, and when Lesley received a phone call from her husband, she was with their daughter. Lesley was initially quite sceptical about the good news that her husband shared with her. “I was showing some of our horses locally when Neil called,” she said. “My daughter answered and thought it was bad news as Neil wouldn’t tell her what he needed to speak to me for, by the time he spoke to me a group of concerned friends had gathered round. To be honest I didn’t believe a word he said, even when we returned home.”

But then a representative from the lottery organisation arrived the following day and it was at that point that Lesley accepted the fact that they really were lottery winners. Now all the lucky couple has to do is decide how to spend their Lotto fortune.

“We have always had to work hard and we haven’t quite got to where we wanted to be in life,” Neil said. “This will make all the difference. Although I will continue with the business I will be able to take a step back and enjoy life beyond work a little more.”

We congratulate Neil and Lesley and wish them all the very best for the future. And for those of you would like to experience a little jackpot joy of your own, why not buy lottery tickets online today? The midweek Lotto draw on Wednesday 23 June will have a jackpot worth around £2.4 million and the EuroMillions game this Friday 25 June will have a rollover jackpot worth around £23 million! Win either one and you’ll definitely have something to celebrate!

Published: Tuesday 22nd June 2010

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