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Jackpot Joy for Scratchcards Player

Jackpot Joy for Scratchcards Player
Updated: Monday 20th July 2015

A lottery scratchcards player who lives in Sedbergh in Cumbria has won the £77,777 jackpot prize in the Diamond 7s game. Ian Bracken, who is 54, has enjoyed playing scratchcards for some time, but when he was lucky enough to land the biggest win possible in the Diamond 7s game he found it difficult to believe. “I bought two cards on my way home from work and waited until I got home before I scratched them,” he explained. “I could not believe it when I discovered I had three diamonds and I am still in shock now. I just kept looking at the card over and over again, thinking this cannot be right.”

But it was right. One of his £2 scratchcards had suddenly acquired a value of £77,777, giving Ian the perfect end to what had previously been a fairly regular working day. “I love the scratchcards – they bring a little bit of fun into my day,” he said. “I have had a few smaller wins in the past but nothing like this.”

Ian has an adult son and a sister, and he intends to use some of his windfall to share the jackpot joy with his small family. He also intends to do make a major purchase for himself. “I do not have a car at the moment,” Ian explained. “I was forced to sell my previous one as it was just costing me too much money. Now, I think I may buy myself a Mini. I will also treat my son and sister.”

This encouraging story of Ian’s scratchcard success is a great reminder that you don’t necessarily have to win millions to make playing lottery games worthwhile. Of course, if you do fancy winning millions then this is a very good week in which to have a go. There is a £67 million quad rollover jackpot up for grabs in the EuroMillions game this Friday 7 May and a £7 million rollover jackpot in the Lotto game on Saturday. Buy lottery tickets online for both games and the next person to experience some jackpot joy could be you!

Published: Thursday 6th May 2010

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