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Jackpot for Ruby Wedding Couple

Jackpot for Ruby Wedding Couple
Updated: Wednesday 16th September 2015

A couple who were looking forward to celebrating 40 years of marriage last weekend ended up having even more to celebrate thanks to a Lotto jackpot win on Wednesday 8 September. Philip and Sandra Sawyer have played the Lotto as part of a small family lottery syndicate for three years with their daughters, Nicola and Amanda, and the lottery results which brought them the success they have been hoping for were 08, 10, 26, 34, 48 and 49. The Bonus Ball was number 06, but by the time that had been drawn the Sawyers had already won £2,606,914 – they just didn’t find out until the next day.

“We were looking forward to meeting up with our daughters to celebrate our Ruby Wedding anniversary at the weekend and as usual I bought my four Lucky Dips for the Wednesday draw and then thought no more,” Philip explained. “The next thing I remember, it was 7am on the Thursday morning and I was checking the numbers on Teletext. I could only see a couple of numbers because I hadn’t my glasses on and thought I’d only won a tenner. I then put my specs on, double checked the numbers online and then realised I had six numbers.”

Sandra was still in bed when all of this was happening, so Philip had to wake her to share the news of the win. Of course, Sandra needed to check the lottery results for herself before she was convinced that they were lottery winners, but after that the couple were able to move on to the next important task…

“The next thing to do was tell my two daughters,” Phil said. “Amanda lives and works in Worcester and was at Alton Towers, and Nicola was working near home in Teddington. I phoned Nicola asking her to call me when she finished work. She did and, like her mother, she didn’t believe me. It was only when she turned on the Teletext that she knew it was true.”

Phil continued: “Amanda didn’t get back from Alton Towers until the early hours but she was coming around for lunch so we waited until we saw her to tell her the good news. I kept the winning ticket on the fireplace and showed her, and like us she was amazed but delighted.”

The four members of the family lottery syndicate will be sharing their jackpot win equally, so each one now has £651,728 to spend as they please. New homes and cars are on everyone’s shopping lists, and Phillip already knows which model of car he fancies – a BMW.

The next Lotto jackpot this Saturday 18 September will be worth around £7 million thanks to a rollover on Wednesday, so buy lottery tickets online today and it could soon be your turn to celebrate!

Published: Thursday 16th September 2010

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