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Irish Lottery Win Approved

Irish Lottery Win Approved
Updated: Friday 25th April 2014

A National Lottery winner in Ireland has been given the go-ahead to collect a €350,000 prize after previously having to leave the National Lottery HQ without a penny. Dermot Finglas had been told that the lottery organisers needed time to make certain ‘clarifications’ about the claim, but all of the questions have now been answered and Mr Finglas is officially €350,000 richer.

This particular irish lottery win hasn’t been very straightforward for Dermot. He inadvertently left his winning ticket in the shop that he bought it from, and it was only thanks to the honesty of shop owner Tom Heavey (and the use of CCTV footage) that Dermot was identified as the rightful owner.

Unfortunately, because Dermot had accidentally lost his ticket and then been reunited with it thanks to Tom Heavey, the lottery organisers had to check, double check and triple check the facts before it could agree to pay out. Dermot had visited the National Lottery HQ on Monday 15 June in the hope of collecting his prize, but left disappointed after officials told him that there were still some clarifications that needed to be made.

Fortunately, those clarifications didn’t take much longer to sort out, and Dermot was relieved to finally be able to claim his €350,000 on Wednesday 17 June.

Although Dermot undoubtedly has a smile on his face now, his experience could have been very different were it not for the admirable honesty of Tom Heavey. We would advice all lottery players to buy tickets online so that there is no possibility of accidentally losing your right to any prize you win if and when your lottery results come up.

Published: Thursday 18th June 2009

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