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Irish Lottery Millionaire Raffle

Irish Lottery Millionaire Raffle
Updated: Friday 10th October 2014

Irish Lottery Millionaire Raffle tickets are now on sale, so anyone who fancies ending this year on a prize-winning note will want to take a closer look at what the game has to offer. The Irish Lottery Millionaire Raffle is a completely separate game to the Millionaire Raffle which is associated with EuroMillions, and the biggest difference is that the Irish Lottery Millionaire Raffle game only takes place once each year, on New Year’s Eve.

Tickets are a bit more expensive that regular Irish Lotto tickets, but that’s only because there are a limited number of tickets on offer and a whopping 2,236 prizes up for grabs!

The smallest prize that can be won in the Irish Lottery Millionaire Raffle is worth €500, and the top prize is €1,000,000. The complete prize schedule is as follows:

Because this is a raffle-style lottery game, players don’t need to worry about choosing their own numbers. All they have to do is buy a Millionaire Raffle ticket and wait to see if the number on their raffle ticket is selected when the draw takes place on Saturday 31 December. If it is then they win – it’s as simple as that!

The Irish Lottery Millionaire Raffle will only issue 300,000 tickets, so anyone who wants to participate will need to buy themselves a ticket before that limit is reached. The odds of winning the top prize of €1,000,000 will obviously be 1 in 300,000, and the odds of winning any prize at all will be 2,236 in 300,000. That equates to around 1 in 134, which isn’t bad at all.

We realise that New Year’s Eve is still some time away (seven weeks this Saturday, to be precise) but with a limited number of tickets on offer it made sense for us to bring the Irish Lottery Millionaire Raffle to your attention sooner rather than later. And for those of you who would like to have a go at winning a lottery jackpot before then, you can of course buy lottery tickets online for the regular games taking place this week. Have fun and good luck! 

Written by Ian Bruce

Published: Wednesday 16th November 2011

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