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I Would Like to Win That!

I Would Like to Win That!
Updated: Monday 20th August 2018

Remember in August 2007 when Angela Kelly won Britain's biggest ever lottery jackpot of £35.4m from the Euromillions? And we all thought - "I would like to win that!"? Well over in America a few stories have emerged recently that show a lottery jackpot can bring mixed fortunes.

Ellwood "Bunky" Bartlett recently discovered he was one of four winners of the Mega Millions $330 million prize, (taking a lump sum of $25m) and bought himself a new Ford Explorer car. As a self-employed accountant he is determined not to make the same mistake as many and be bankrupt within three years. Apart from the car and some other good-time expenditures, he and wife Denise do have one off-beat plan, to invest in Mystickal Voyage, a New Age shop that follows the Wicca religion, and which has expansion plans. He also plans to start a non-profit foundation, and move to a new home.

But, sadly lottery winner Oscar Cordoba has been sentenced to 58 years in prison for the murder of his mother-in-law and assault of his wife in 2003. He had seemed set for a trouble free life in 1989 when he won $8.9m on the New Jersey lottery. Originally from Argentina he came to the US in 1980, married Sylvia and lived in a lovely six-bedroom house with his wife and three children.

Meanwhile, a Texas Lottery Winner is running for office in Williamson County, for the Pct 1 Constable's seat. Robert Chody was an Austin Police Officer when in 2001 the Chody family won $85 million dollars in the Texas Lottery. He says the money did change his life, but did not change his work ethic or his wish to serve. He is currently a Reserve Deputy, which is a voluntary post.

And if you think winning the lottery will set you up forever, remember Andrew Cicero. He won more than $5 million in a lottery jackpot in 1995, but lost most through a series of bad financial decisions, including "mischaracterising his winnings" on a tax return!

Published: Monday 10th September 2007

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