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How to Spend Tonight’s £151 Million EuroMillions Jackpot

How to Spend Tonight’s £151 Million EuroMillions Jackpot
Updated: Tuesday 27th February 2018

Tonight’s £151 million EuroMillions jackpot isn’t just the biggest top prize of the year; it’s also the largest sum the game has offered since a Portuguese ticket holder won €190 million (£149.7 million based on historical exchange rates). Should you beat the odds and become the UK’s 64th EuroMillions jackpot winner this evening, you’ll need some tips on how to spend all that money. If you’re stuck for inspiration, here are a few ideas.

Travel in Style

As a new member of the rich list, you would hope you would never have to worry about the small things in life again, but traffic jams don’t discriminate and, even with a plush Jaguar, you could still find yourself wasting time queueing at roadworks on the M25. For just £16 million of your fortune, you could get hold of a Legacy 650 private jet to ferry you from place to place, whilst you relax on one of the sofas and take in a film on the in-plane DVD player. You could even afford to hire your own personal pilot and staff to serve food and drinks while you avoid the mayhem below.

Buy Your Own Downton Abbey

With a nine-figure haul in your bank account, you will want to live somewhere that fits your new super-rich status. If you’ve watched the trials and tribulations of the Granthams on a Sunday evening, then why not acquire your own Downton Abbey-style property by looking for a proper country estate?

Windsor Court in Surrey will cost you just £19.9 million of your vast fortune and sits on 15 acres near the border of the delightful Windsor Great Park, which essentially makes you neighbours with the Queen as it is managed by the Crown Estate. You might need to touch up the mansion a little, but that won’t cause too much of a financial headache, and you can always stay in one of the two cottages situated on your land whilst the work is done.

The Sport Fan’s Dream

If you’ve ever played one of the many football management computer games, you may have got the taste for the real thing and, with £151 million in the bank you could buy a real-life team. The Premier League might be a little beyond your budget, but if you look to a fledgling market like the US, you could certainly take on a squad.

Colorado Rapids of the Major Soccer League are valued at $110 million (£89.7 million) and boast former Everton goalkeeper Tim Howard and ex-Republic of Ireland striker Kevin Doyle amongst their squad. The challenge of helping the Denver-based club compete with the likes of LA Galaxy and New York City FC would surely entice a EuroMillions-winning football fanatic.

Dream Big – Play EuroMillions Today

If you’ve got other ideas about what to do with such an exceptional amount of money, why not tell us on Facebook and Twitter?

Don’t forget that ticket sales stop at 7.30pm for tonight’s draw – make sure that you’ve played EuroMillions online or bought tickets from authorised retailers so that you don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime! Good luck.

Published: Tuesday 11th October 2016

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