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Housewife Wins Scratchcard Jackpot

Housewife Wins Scratchcard Jackpot
Updated: Monday 20th July 2015

A 27 year old housewife from Peterlee in County Durham is looking forward to an extra special family Christmas after winning a top prize of £250,000 on a Deal or No Deal lottery scratchcard game. Marsha Williams, who is married with three children, bought her winning scratchcard from a general store in Hartlepool whilst visiting relatives, and she discovered her win shortly after as she walked down the road playing the game. The Deal or No Deal game that Marsha was playing cost £2, so the £250,000 prize that she won made her modest risk incredibly worthwhile.

“It was a spur of the moment decision to buy the scratchcard and I really couldn’t believe it when I realised I’d won,” Marsha explained. “I just started crying and shaking and I didn’t know what to do. It still hasn’t sunk in properly. I bought the Deal Or No Deal Scratchcard because I used to watch the programme quite regularly before the kids started to hog the TV!”

Now that she is a quarter of a million pounds richer than she was before the win, Marsha can afford to buy more TVs than she will ever need, but the Peterlee housewife has quite different (and far more sensible) plans for her money…

“We’re going to buy a house and have a family holiday to Disneyland as a treat,” Marsha said. “It will be our first holiday abroad and we can’t wait. My husband also has his eye on a new car. It’s nice to win the money just before Christmas so we can have an extra special time and we’ll be able to spoil the kids rotten.”

We congratulate Marsha on her win and hope that she and her family enjoy their Disneyland holiday as well as what will undoubtedly be a fantastic Christmas. And for any aspiring lottery winners who fancy following in Marsha’s footsteps, there are plenty of opportunities to have a go this week.

The Lotto jackpot on Wednesday 17 November will be worth around £2.5 million, and the EuroMillions draw on Friday 19 November will offer a rollover jackpot of £25 million, so if you fancy becoming the next big winner, buy lottery tickets online and good luck!

Published: Tuesday 16th November 2010

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