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Health Lottery Winners

Health Lottery Winners
Updated: Tuesday 22nd April 2014

Saturday night saw the first ever Health Lottery draw shown live on television in the 9.30pm commercial break of the XFactor and saw Melinda Messenger as the star of the 30 second draw. Whilst the five numbers drawn are available to view on the results page there are no details of the actual Health Lottery winners, how many players scooped the jackpot (if any) and how many players got lucky on of the lower prize tiers.

Details of the Health Lottery winners are sketchy to say the least; the total payout from this week’s draw was £819,050 of which £200,000 went to two lucky female winners according to a piece in The Express written by Elisa Roche. The winners are reported to be a 40 year old from Bangor in North Wales and a 63 year old Bolton-Le-Sands in Lancashire yet both coincidentally wish to remain anonymous. It would seem that anonymity is the order of the day when it comes to the Health Lottery winners because when Lottery.co.uk called the official helpline to enquire about the exact number of players to win a prize on each of the three prize tiers the information imparted was “sketchy” to say the least.

Speaking to the operator was more than a little frustrating because despite asking specific questions about when the Health Lottery winners would be listed on the results page or when details would be available answers were vague:

“Over 500 players won the £500 prize but we are not sure of the exact numbers of participants who won the £50 prize.”

Surely two days after the draw has taken place the operators should be in a position to release the actual numbers of the Health Lottery winners?

Published: Monday 10th October 2011

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