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Health Lottery Player Wins Two Jackpots

Health Lottery Player Wins Two Jackpots
Updated: Tuesday 22nd April 2014

The Health Lottery draw on Saturday 5 November created seven jackpot winners, but two of those jackpot payouts went to a single player thanks to a fortunate lapse of memory. Paul Nelson, who lives in Uckfield in East Sussex, bought his Health Lottery tickets from his local Tesco store, and then he entered the same numbers again the very next day because he forgot that he had bought tickets the day before. Lucky for Paul, his numbers – 05, 08, 21, 39 and 44 – came up in the draw on Saturday, so he managed to win the £100,000 top prize twice over!

“I spent £5 altogether on The Health Lottery last week,” Paul said. “I’d forgotten I had already played the numbers so ended up playing them again the next day. I can’t believe my luck!”

Most lottery players dread forgetting to buy their lottery tickets just in case their numbers come up and they miss out on a fortune, but Paul’s memory lapse actually helped him to win twice as much as he would have won otherwise. He discovered this fortunate fluke on Sunday evening when he asked a local retailer for an update on the results and realised that he had two tickets containing the same jackpot-winning line.
Paul is now planning to take a holiday with his partner Corinne, and he also intends to propose to her for a second time. “I have tried once before but I did not have a ring so I am going to have to get one now,” he said.
We congratulate Paul on his remarkable double-win, and we also congratulate the owners of the other five tickets that won jackpots in the Health Lottery game last Saturday. 
For those who haven’t yet landed a top lottery prize (let alone two!) there is a massive £57 million jackpot up for grabs in the EuroMillions game this Friday 11 November and a top prize of around £4.1 million to play for in the Lotto game on Saturday. Buy your lottery tickets online today for both games and good luck!

Written by Ian Bruce

Published: Thursday 10th November 2011

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