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Health Lottery Jackpot Doubled

Health Lottery Jackpot Doubled
Updated: Thursday 5th April 2018

The Health Lottery jackpot for the game this Saturday 10 December has been doubled, so any player who matches all five main numbers will win £200,000 instead of the usual £100,000! This ‘twice as nice’ top prize is being offered to celebrate the 10th Health Lottery draw since the game was launched in September 2011 (the first draw took place on 8 October) and with just a few weeks to go until Christmas the bigger top prize couldn’t have been offered at a better time!


News of the double top prize was unveiled by Sarah Tinsley, Head of Marketing at the Health Lottery. “At The Health Lottery we want to keep exciting our customers with new promotions and offers,” Sarah said. “This week, to celebrate our 10th draw we’re offering them a chance to win £200,000 rather than £100,000. One of our players is going to have an extra special Christmas this year.”

Although the Health Lottery is still very much in its early days, there have already been 22 top prize winners and over 100,000 winners of smaller prizes. For those new to the game, there are five numbers selected in each draw and prizes of £100,000, £500 and £50 are available to players who match all five, four or three of them.

Tickets for the 10th draw this Saturday will cost exactly the same as usual and the game itself will adhere to the normal rules. As always, the ever-popular Melinda Messenger will be hosting the Channel 5 television broadcast at 9:55pm, so the only difference this week is the fact that you could win yourself a top prize of £200,000. That gives you even more value for money and makes this special 10th draw well worth participating in.

Of course, players aren’t the only people who benefit from the Health Lottery, which was set up to help support a wide range of health-related good causes all over the country. So far nearly £5 million has been donated to various charitable organisations including Dementia UK and Mencap, so the Health Lottery is already doing a fine job and we look forward to it continuing its good work for a long time to come!

Written by Ian Bruce

Published: Tuesday 6th December 2011

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