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Health Lottery Announced

Health Lottery Announced
Updated: Thursday 24th April 2014

A brand new Health Lottery game has been announced by Richard Desmond, the business tycoon who owns a wide range of media outlets, including the Daily Express, Daily Star, the Channel 5 television station and OK! magazine. The Health Lottery will not be associated in any way with existing national lottery games and is not meant to compete with Lotto and the like. Instead, the game will be completely separate to existing games and its aim will be to raise money specifically for health charities.

The Health Lottery is still very much in the pre-launch stage, but Mr Desmond did provide a few details of what we can expect when the game goes live. Tickets will be priced at £1 each and will give players the chance to win prizes described as ‘life-changing’. 20.5p of every £1 that is generated from ticket sales will go to health charities and it is anticipated that at least £50 million will be raised for these each year.

Some people might see the phrase ‘health lottery’ and immediately criticise the idea, believing that healthcare in the UK should be the sole responsibility of the government. However, the Health Lottery is not designed to ‘prop up’ the National Health Service, but to help fund projects that the NHS doesn’t get involved in to start with. The Health Lottery is therefore a genuine community-focused entity (money will be distributed to regional charities spread across the whole of the UK) which all lottery players should be happy to embrace.

There will be one Health Lottery draw each week and we expect that at least a few of Mr Desmond’s media outlets will be used to promote the game and provide coverage of the draw results when the time comes. Of course, when further details are announced later this year we will be sure to pass them onto you without delay.

We welcome the news of this Health Lottery and we look forward to its arrival. In the meantime, the Lotto and EuroMillions games have some very healthy jackpots of their own for us to play for. The EuroMillions quad rollover jackpot this Friday 11 March will be worth around £68 million and the Lotto jackpot on Saturday will be worth around £4.5 million. Click here to buy your lottery tickets for both of these games and good luck!

Published: Thursday 10th March 2011

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