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Happy with their lottery win

Happy with their lottery win
Updated: Friday 25th April 2014

The wonderful thing about the National Lottery is the fantastic stories its winners generate. Have you had a dream that you'd win the lottery? And did you then buy a ticket with those dream numbers? Maybe you have a lotto ticket sitting there and you've not checked to see if it's a winner. Would you spend your winnings on a new car, or medical treatment? Read on to see some quirky ways the lottery can be won, and spent!

Like the lottery-winning housewife from Dewsbury who says she had white feather visions from her late father before winning  a £1,218,618 slice of Saturday 19 July’s jackpot.

In Kings Lynn, John James is £147,320 the richer after a dream four years ago where he won with the same six numbers he used for his real win when five of the numbers and a bonus ball came true on 12 July 2008. The winnings will be spent on having a worry-free retirement, a new car, a cruise and a few treats for the family, all from a ticket bought at his Co-op.

Karen Child and Wayne Smith decided on their wedding date in February 2007 and then a month later found out Karen had won £8.4 million. They’ve just celebrated their wedding on Saturday 19 July 2008 and Karen and husband Wayne now live in a very nice house, and have a box at Old Trafford. Karen has also recently sponsored the home supporters stand at Chesterfield Football Club, and from next season the Saltergate Kop will become known as the Karen Child Kop.

In the USA nearly a month went by before Samuel Crisp realised he was $800,000 richer. Recently retired Sam had not checked his numbers until his wife suggested he went to the North Carolina Education Lottery Web site to check them. Imagine his surprise when he found he'd matched all five numbers which he’d let the computer pick when he’d bought his weekly Powerball ticket at the Kangaroo Express on Hickory Tree Road in Winston-Salem.

Tony and Greta Dodd won £2,438,155 on the lottery on 21 July 2007 and straight away they knew what their winnings would go on, knee operations for both of them. Having gone through the painful process the lucky couple say it has transformed their life and they can now waltz all day long, play golf and live a pain-free normal life. Tony used to play regular numbers but that winning day he changed them, and his life changed forever.

Published: Thursday 24th July 2008

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