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Hairdresser Hits Lotto Jackpot

Hairdresser Hits Lotto Jackpot
Updated: Monday 20th July 2015

The owner of a hairdressing salon in Hereford is looking forward to spending more time on her hobbies now that she has won a share of a Lotto jackpot worth £1,182,714. Susan Herdman matched all six Lotto number on Saturday 16 January. The jackpot for that draw was worth £5.9 million, but there were five jackpot winners in total, so each one received a little over £1.18 million. Not that Susan is complaining. After all, even after sharing the spoils with four other winners, she still managed to emerge from the game as a brand new lottery millionaire!

For most lottery winners, landing the jackpot comes as complete surprise, but Susan had expected to win the lottery for a while. She visited a tarot card reader in November 2009, and was told that she could look forward to wealth and good fortune. Susan was so convinced that she would land a big prize that she said so on her Facebook page, declaring 2010 as the year of her lottery win.

Susan was keen to tune into the television coverage of the live Lotto draw on the night of the win. “The draw was live on TV, but I had gone into the kitchen to get some food so pressed pause on the programme,” she explained. “When I came back in, all my numbers were frozen there on the screen!”

Although she had expected to become a lottery winner in 2010, there was still an initial sense of shock when it actually happened.

“I felt shocked for a moment, but it all sunk in quite quickly, as I had always believed I would win,” Susan explained. “I’m not planning on going wild with the money and wasting it. I’m going to pay off my mortgage, and enjoy all the freedom that brings, but I won’t be giving up work, as I enjoy too much and a lot of my clients have been coming to me for years.

“Winning the lottery and paying off the mortgage means I can take some time off and have a holiday without worrying about money. I might work one day less a week, so I’ve got more time to spend on my hobbies – I love to be busy!”

Was Susan’s win really connected to her high expectations of success, or was the win just a happy coincidence? We will probably never know, but there’s no harm in expecting success just in case! Buy lottery tickets online today and you just might win the £2.5 million Lotto jackpot on Wednesday 3 February, and if you’re even more ambitious you will also want to have a go at the £85 million EuroMillions birthday Mega Jackpot this Friday 5 February!

Published: Wednesday 3rd February 2010

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