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Guaranteed Midweek Jackpot Payout!

Guaranteed Midweek Jackpot Payout!
Updated: Wednesday 17th December 2014

The jackpot in the midweek Lotto game this week is guaranteed to pay out, even if no player succeeds in matching the six main numbers that are usually required to win it. This is because the jackpot, which is expected to be worth around £14.7 million, has already rolled over in four consecutive draws, which is the maximum allowed under current rules. If no player wins the jackpot outright this time, the cash allotted to the top prize will roll down to the highest consolation prize tier that has winners.

We will return to the topic of the big quadruple rollover jackpot Lotto game in a few moments, but first we should bring you up to speed with the latest EuroMillions results. The numbers drawn on Tuesday 16 December were 03, 07, 12, 13 and 25, and the Lucky Star numbers were 05 and 08. The Lucky Star number 08 had been highlighted on Monday as one of the most overdue, and its appearance helped a single ticket to win the jackpot outright. That winning ticket had been purchased in Spain, and its lucky owner can now look forward to claiming €39,580,687.

There were five winning tickets at the second tier, but none of those had been bought by players in the UK, so the prizes for that achievement were paid in euros, and amounted to €222,312 each. Another 11 tickets matched five main numbers only to win a third tier prize of £23,584 each, and more than 2.45 million smaller prizes were won by tickets matching fewer numbers. The combined amount of cash won by players in the UK was £1.72 million, and that doesn't include the £1 million that was landed by the player who matched the Millionaire Maker code, which was ZGL268466.

The EuroMillions jackpot has now been reset and will be worth around £11 million this Friday. That  sum is obviously well worth playing for, but the midweek Lotto game comes first, and with a guaranteed payout of that quadruple rollover jackpot to look forward to, even the most casual 'Saturdays only 'players will want to get involved.

For players who want to include one or more of the most overdue numbers on their Lotto tickets, the ones to consider are 16, 12, 46, 20, 32 and 24. For those who prefer to follow the most common numbers, you should be looking at the numbers 23, 40, 44, 38, 30 and 25.

It is worth pointing out that we are also just a week away from the special Christmas Eve Lotto Raffle game, which will create a massive 500 winners of £20,000 each. Enter your numbers for the next three Lotto draws and if you don't win tonight's quadruple rollover jackpot you could still win big in the Saturday game or in the next midweek game on Christmas Eve. Click here to enter your numbers online and good luck!

Written by Tony Sharpe

Published: Wednesday 17th December 2014

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