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Friday EuroMillions Triple Rollover

Friday EuroMillions Triple Rollover
Updated: Thursday 10th April 2014

The Friday EuroMillions game this week promises to be a particularly exciting one because it will offer a triple rollover jackpot worth around £36,000,000! To put that kind of money into perspective, if you were to set it aside in an interest-bearing account paying just 3% per year, you would earn £1.08 million per year in interest alone. That means you could potentially enjoy a millionaire lifestyle without touching a penny of your capital, which is a great reason to make sure you get involved in the game this Friday. Of course, if you purchased tickets for the game last night you will first want to check them and see if you have already won yourself a major prize…

The main numbers you need to look for on your tickets for Tuesday 21 August are 04, 05, 17, 38 and 48, as well as the Lucky Star numbers 03 and 04. You won’t have won the jackpot because nobody did (hence the triple rollover), but if you managed to match all five main numbers and one Lucky Star (two tickets achieved this, including one bought here in the UK) you will have won £445,440. One ticket purchased in the UK – and it was the only winning ticket at the third-tier prize level – won £296,960 by matching five main numbers only.

36 tickets matched four main numbers and both Lucky Stars to win £4,124 each, 772 tickets won £168 each by matching four main numbers and one Lucky Star, and over 1.93 million other tickets won smaller prizes. One ticket, which was fortunate enough to match the Millionaire Raffle number MGM115248, is currently worth £1 million, so if you’re an offline player don’t go throwing away any of your tickets before checking that too. The good news for online players is that winning tickets can’t be discarded accidentally, so if you have won big you can rest easy!

As is always the case when a big rollover jackpot happens to be on offer on a Friday, demand for EuroMillions tickets is set to soar over the next day or two. Many players who left things until the last minute found that they couldn’t beat the rush in previous rollover games, so please make sure that you buy your lottery tickets early (they are available here right now) if you want to guarantee your participation. And don’t forget that you can also play for a midweek jackpot of around £2.1 million in the Lotto game this evening!

Congratulations to everyone who won a EuroMillions prize on Tuesday, and good luck to those of you who have a go at winning any of the lottery jackpots coming up!

Written by Tony Sharpe

Published: Wednesday 22nd August 2012

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