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Friday EuroMillions Double Rollover

Friday EuroMillions Double Rollover
Updated: Thursday 6th November 2014

EuroMillions fans are eagerly awaiting their chance win a double rollover jackpot with an estimated value of £25 million this Friday 7 November, and players in the UK will also have a chance to win another completely separate Millionaire Maker prize of £1 million on the same night. For Lotto fans, the jackpot in the next game this Saturday 8 November will start over with a value of around £4.1 million because one player managed to match all six main numbers that were needed to scoop the top prize in the midweek draw on Wednesday.

The Lotto results on Wednesday 5 November were 02, 05, 21, 25, 34 and 36, and the Bonus Ball was 28. We have already said that one ticket won the jackpot, and the lucky owner of that ticket can now look forward to having an extra £2,128,101 in the bank as soon as his or her claim has been made and processed. Another single ticket won a second tier prize of £169,863 by matching five of the main numbers plus the Bonus Ball.

There were 115 tickets that matched five main numbers only to secure a third tier prize of £1,254 each, and 7,110 prizes of £107 each were landed by tickets that matched four main numbers. The smallest possible prize of £25 was won by each of 136,347 tickets which matched three main numbers, and the Lotto Raffle game awarded a prize of £20,000 to each of 50 additional winners.

In the Health Lottery game on Wednesday, the main numbers drawn were 05, 08, 15, 30 and 48, and the Bonus Ball was 11. No player matched all five main numbers and so the top prize of £100,000 wasn't landed, but over 6,000 consolation prizes of up to £10,000 each were won, so well done to the lucky players concerned.

The new Lotto jackpot of around £4.1 million will give Lotto players something to look forward to on Saturday, but the much bigger double rollover jackpot of around £25 million in the Friday EuroMillions game is sure to be the jewel in the crown for most lottery enthusiasts this weekend. For players who like to follow our lottery statistics, the most overdue main numbers in the EuroMillions game right now are 37, 44, 43, 16 and 11, and the most overdue Lucky Star numbers are 11 and 04. One overdue number appeared in the most recent Lotto game, so the most overdue Lotto numbers as we head towards the next draw are 39, 45, 37, 16, 12 and 44.

It will be very interesting to see if any of the most overdue numbers just mentioned help someone to win big in either of the lottery games taking place this Friday and Saturday, but it would be even more interesting to experience such a win first hand! Visit this page to buy your tickets online and the next big winner could be you!

Written by Tony Sharpe

Published: Thursday 6th November 2014

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