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French Player Calls EuroMillions Unfair

French Player Calls EuroMillions Unfair
Updated: Wednesday 23rd April 2014

In just a few hours time, the whole nation will join other countries across Europe in settling down in front of the Euromillions triple rollover draw. There’s £40 million up for grabs to players (€46 million across Europe) and that’s sure to get players fired up, but as one French player calls the Euromillions unfair, the spotlight is on the popular Euromillions lottery draw for all the wrong reasons.

After the lucky Scottish couple scooped £161 million a few weeks ago, Frenchwoman Laure Meilheureux did some research into the lottery and she claims that it is easier to buy Euromillions tickets in some countries than others. This she says, gives players from some country an advantage, but we knew nothing of the rule.

Laure Meilheureux claims that in France there is a 378 bet limit on the Euromillions Lottery, a claim that the Jeux de France confirmed in a move they said prevents ‘gambling bulimia’. It transpires that in Belgium you can purchase up to 882 combinations of numbers but in Spain you can gamble €5,040 on a single Euromillions ticket!

However, this lady’s argument is completely flawed as in the UK, you can only have four lines on each Euromillions ticket, and as lottery officials rightly point out, nothing is stopping anyone buying multiple tickets, as they have to in the UK if they want to gamble more money.

Interestingly, 21% of Euromillions players are from France, yet 26% of lottery jackpots land in the nation; it seems they aren’t so hard done by after all!

Tonight’s Euromillions jackpot is worth £40 million and we’ll be back later with the Euromillions results to see whether this landed in France, the UK, or indeed anywhere!

Written by Kathleen Cross

Published: Friday 12th August 2011

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