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Free Health Lottery iPhone App

Free Health Lottery iPhone App
Updated: Tuesday 16th October 2018

 Are you a Health Lottery player who would like to be able to check the very latest results on your iPhone (or other compatible iOS device) within minutes of each draw taking place? If your answer to this question is yes then you’re in luck because we have just launched a free Health Lottery iPhone app that you can download and use as often as you wish. Once you are armed with this clever little app you will always be one step ahead of other Health Lottery players as far as results are concerned – and that means you will be one of the first to know if your numbers have won you a prize!

 The Health Lottery iPhone app provides a handful of great features that can help to make your participation in the game even more exciting than it is already. When you launch the app it will immediately show you the results of the five most recent draws, with the very latest result at the top of the screen. As we said a moment ago, results are updated as soon as each draw takes place, so all you have to do is launch the app after each draw and the results will be waiting for you.

A Health Lottery Results Checker allows you to enter any five numbers that you have entered (or thought about entering) and check to see how those numbers fared in previous draws. For ease of use, any number that was matched is shown in colour, with all other numbers being shown in a more discreet shade of grey.

Those of you who sometimes have trouble deciding which numbers to play will be interested to hear that our Health Lottery iPhone app has a fully functional Number Generator built-in. Simply touch the Generator button at the bottom of the screen and five numbers will be randomly generated for you. If for any reason you don’t happen to like the first batch of numbers that is shown, simply touch the Generate button again for a different selection.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, an Archive feature allows you to access our complete database of past Health Lottery results. You can view numbers for the past six months or access numbers for a particular year just by touching the relevant button.

In short, the Health Lottery iPhone app will transform your iPhone into a feature-packed information hub that provides all the Health Lottery facts and figures you will ever need. But don’t just take our word for this – download it from here today and see for yourself!

Written by Ian Bruce

Published: Tuesday 24th January 2012

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