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Four Share Lotto Jackpot

Four Share Lotto Jackpot
Updated: Friday 18th September 2015

The Lotto jackpot, which was worth just over £12.8 million on Saturday 31 October, has been won by four lucky tickets, giving each winner £3,204,588. No details about any of the winners have yet been released, but we can speculate that if they discovered their win on Saturday night they undoubtedly had a Halloween to remember! As for the EuroMillons game, the jackpot once again proved elusive and so there is a massive multi-rollover jackpot of £90 million to play for this Friday!

Whilst winning a £3.2 million Lotto jackpot is obviously not quite as exciting as winning the whole £12.8 million would have been, the owners of the four winning tickets have had a fantastic start to November 2009, and will probably be thinking about how to spend some of their cash this Christmas. Of course, it could be that one or more of the ticket owners have yet to discover their win, so if you bought a ticket for Saturday’s Lotto draw and you haven’t yet checked the lottery results, you might want to do so now, just in case!

As well as the four tickets that matched all six numbers to win the Lotto jackpot on Saturday night, there were ten tickets that matched five numbers and the bonus ball to win £168,127 each. Another 711 tickets matched the five main numbers only to win £1,477 each. We say that ‘tickets’ matched the numbers rather than ‘players’ because it is possible that one or more of the winning tickets was entered by a lottery syndicate, in which case the prize will obviously be shared equally between the syndicate members involved.

Now that the top Lotto prize has been won, the jackpot has been reset and will be worth around £2.4 million this Wednesday 4 November. That’s a substantial amount of money to be won by any standards, but all eyes will probably be on the much larger £90 million EuroMillions jackpot on Friday 6 November 2009. The two jackpot games take place either side of Guy Fawkes Night on Thursday 5 November, so this week is sure to go with a bang for National Lottery players everywhere.

Buy lottery tickets online today and you just might rocket yourself up to multi-millionaire status! Good luck!

Published: Monday 2nd November 2009

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