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Five Go Lotto Winning

Five Go Lotto Winning
Updated: Thursday 24th April 2014

No, Five Go Lotto Winning isn’t the title of some newly discovered Enid Blyton novel about the Famous Five – it’s a summary of what happened on Saturday 20 March when five tickets matched the six main numbers required to win the Lotto jackpot! The lottery results on Saturday were 05, 11, 13, 18, 25 and 46, and the Bonus Ball was number 26. The jackpot was worth £3,957,915, so each of the five winning tickets will get a £791,583 share of the spoils. That isn’t enough to give the winners millionaire status, but it should certainly be enough to smile about!

The fact that five of the six main Lotto numbers were under 31 – and therefore more likely to be picked by anyone using days of the month as the basis of their selections – goes a long way to explaining how five players all managed to beat odds of 1 in 13,983,816 to win the top prizes. Of course, similar things have happened before (for example, on Saturday 5 September 2009 there were no less than seven lucky jackpot winners) but five jackpot-winning tickets in one draw is still a fairly newsworthy event.

As you might expect, the number of second tier prize winners was also higher than average, with 17 players matching five of the six main numbers and the Bonus Ball to win £71,636 each. Another 852 players matched five main numbers only to win £893. To put that last statistic into some kind of perspective, there were 149 third-tier prize winners on Wednesday 17 March and 515 tickets achieving the same outcome on Saturday 10 March.

Winning £791,583 for beating odds of 1 in 13,983,816 might have been a tad disappointing for the five Lotto winners to begin with, but considering how little a lottery ticket costs in the first place we think they will still have plenty of reasons to celebrate. After all, £791,583 is more than enough to buy a new home, a new car and enjoy a holiday or two. And there would still be cash left over to have a go at winning a bigger lottery jackpot in the future!

Talking of future jackpots, the Lotto jackpot for this Wednesday 24 March will be worth around £2.4 million, and this Friday 26 March you can play for a EuroMillions double rollover jackpot worth around £40 million. Buy lottery tickets online today and this time next week you too could be celebrating!

Published: Monday 22nd March 2010

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