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First Triple Rollover of 2010

First Triple Rollover of 2010
Updated: Monday 20th July 2015

The EuroMillions lottery jackpot on Friday 8 January once again proved to be a very slippery customer, and because no player matched the five main numbers and two Lucky Star numbers we can now look forward to our first triple rollover jackpot of 2010. The triple rollover jackpot for the EuroMillions game this Friday 15 January will be worth an estimated £51 million, which works out at almost £1 million for every week of the year! Add in a Lotto jackpot of £2.4 million to play for this Wednesday 13 January and we have yet another bumper lottery week to enjoy!

The lottery results for the EuroMillions draw on Friday 8 January were 04, 05, 14, 44 and 46, and the two Lucky Star numbers were 08 and 09. Four lucky players matched all five main numbers and one of the Lucky Stars to win £577,360 each, and six others matched the five main numbers only to win £109,230 each.

As far as the more modest prizes were concerned, 76 players matched four main numbers and both Lucky Stars to win £6,160 each, and 1,395 players matched four main numbers and one of the Lucky Stars to win a few pennies over £223 each. More than 1.5 million prizes of £100 or less were also won.

Of course, all of this is over and above the £1,000,000 that was won by the player who had the number TFL266616 on the Millionaire Raffle section of their ticket. For that player in particular, last Friday’s EuroMillions game was undoubtedly a life-changing event that will have a big impact on how they live the rest of the year and beyond.

In the Lotto game on Saturday 9 January, the winning numbers were 20, 24, 33, 34, 37 and 48, and the Bonus Ball was 25. Two players matched all six main numbers to win a half-share of the £7.82 million jackpot, giving them £3,913,487 each. The Lotto jackpot has now been reset and, as we said earlier, will be worth around £2.4 million this Wednesday 13 January.

The UK is still covered in a blanket of snow, so our advice once again is to avoid the risk of slippages and buy lottery tickets online instead of venturing outside. You have just as much chance of winning when playing lottery games online, but it’s a lot more convenient and you won’t lose your ticket in the high winds that have also been forecast! Stay warm and good luck!

Published: Monday 11th January 2010

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