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First Ever Lotto Quintuple Rollover!

First Ever Lotto Quintuple Rollover!

The Lotto game this Saturday will offer its first ever quintuple rollover jackpot since the game was launched in November 1994. The jackpot on Saturday will be worth around £20 million, and if that wasn’t enough to get excited about as we approach the end of another working week, the EuroMillions game on Friday will offer a top prize of around £30 million. Add in guaranteed seven-figure winners in the Millionaire Maker and Lotto Millionaire Raffle games and a more tantalising couple of days is hard to imagine.

The midweek Lotto results on Wednesday 2 December that brought us to this historic moment were 09, 11, 14, 28, 37 and 42, along with the Bonus Ball number 12. There were four tickets that matched five of the main numbers as well as the Bonus Ball to win a second tier prize of £16,984 each, whilst another 168 tickets won £425 each at the third tier by matching five main numbers only.

There were 7,885 tickets that matched four main numbers to win £58 each, and the smallest cash prize of £25 went to each of 151,853 tickets that matched three main numbers. In addition, over 1.18 million tickets won a free Lucky Dip entry for the next game by matching two main numbers, and there were 21 winners in the Lotto Raffle game. The Lotto Millionaire Raffle number on Wednesday, which made its owner £1 million richer, was ROSE 2985 0383, and you can view the complete list of 20 Lotto £20,000 Raffle numbers on our Lotto Results page.

All of that set things up for the first ever £20 million Lotto quintuple rollover game this Saturday 5 December. Players who want to keep an eye on the most overdue numbers for that historic draw should be looking out for the numbers 01, 15, 19, 48, 04 and 06., whilst the most common Lotto numbers at the time of writing are 23, 40, 33, 38, 30 and 44.

For players who want to include one or more of the most overdue numbers on their entries for the EuroMillions game on Friday, the most overdue main numbers are 24, 41, 05, 31 and 44, whilst the most overdue Lucky Stars are 05 and 01.

With so much cash at stake over the next few days, it is more important than ever for players to purchase their entries before the inevitable last-minute rush. Good luck to those of you who will be playing for one or both of the main lottery jackpots and be sure to let us know if you win big!

Published: Thursday 3rd December 2015

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