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First Ever European Millionaire Maker Draw!

First Ever European Millionaire Maker Draw!
Updated: Thursday 27th October 2016

The first ever European Millionaire Maker draw will take place this Friday 28 October, and is guaranteed to award 25 prizes of €1 million to EuroMillions participants. Even better, if any of the winning players purchase their ticket in the UK, the prize will be converted to pounds sterling and then rounded up to £1 million so that every winner can celebrate a life-changing seven-figure windfall.

Giving yourself the chance of winning one of the 25 guaranteed European Millionaire Maker prizes is easy. Simply buy an entry for this Friday’s main EuroMillions game and, for every line of numbers that you purchase, you will receive one European Millionaire Maker code, which will be allocated at random and printed on your ticket automatically.

The odds of being a winner in the European Millionaire Maker prize depends, as with any other raffle-style game, on the number of tickets that are purchased in total. Of course, if you buy several lines of numbers then you will have several European Millionaire Maker codes in your possession, each of which could win you a seven-figure fortune.

It is important to note that every European Millionaire Maker code will have the same chance of winning a prize, regardless of where the ticket was purchased. A player in the UK will therefore have exactly the same odds of winning with a single entry as a player in France, Spain, Portugal or any of the other participating nations. 

The European Millionaire Maker prizes are in addition to the two UK Millionaire Maker prizes of £1 million that are also guaranteed to be won this Friday. Every ticket purchased will therefore give UK players several chances of winning a big prize, including the EuroMillions jackpot itself, which is expected to be worth around £15 million.

Whilst we are on the topic of winning big money, it is worth mentioning the top prize in the midweek Lotto game on Wednesday rolled over, so the jackpot in the next draw this Saturday is expected to be worth around £9 million. In addition, the Lotto Millionaire Raffle game will create one winner of £1 million, and another 20 players will each win £20,000 in the Lotto Raffle draw.

Players who buy their lottery tickets online for any game will be pleased to hear that they will be notified by email of any prize they have won. However, those who buy tickets from offline retailers must remember to check their own tickets carefully after the draw so that they can claim any prize due straight away. People often forget to check their Millionaire Maker codes or Lotto Millionaire Raffle numbers as well as their main lottery numbers, and they can therefore miss out on some massive prizes. 

Right now, there are multiple prizes of up to £1 million that have yet to be claimed from previous lottery draws, so do visit our Unclaimed Prizes page to make sure that none of them are yours! When you have done that, download one of our free lottery apps so that you can check your future numbers on your mobile no matter where you are when a draw takes place.

Having dozens of guaranteed seven-figure lottery prizes to play for in a single draw doesn’t come along every week, so be sure to get involved in the first ever European Millionaire Maker game this Friday if you want to make the most of it. Buy your tickets early to avoid the last-minute rush, good luck with your numbers, and we wish you a winning weekend!

Published: Thursday 27th October 2016

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