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Fifth Time Lucky for EuroMillions Players?

Fifth Time Lucky for EuroMillions Players?
Updated: Monday 11th June 2018

The EuroMillions jackpot has eluded players for the last four draws in a row, so the big question on everyone’s mind today is whether it will be fifth time lucky for EuroMillions players. The jackpot for Tuesday 16 August is estimated to be worth around £46 million, and potentially the only thing that stands between you and that amount of cash being transferred to your bank account is having the good fortune to match five main numbers and two Lucky Star numbers. So, as Dirty Harry might put it, do you feel lucky?

If you do feel lucky – or at least hopeful – then now is the time to buy your lottery tickets and see what destiny has is store for you. As always, you could enter your own selection of numbers or you could use our EuroMillions Number Generator to generate a random selection.

Those of you who prefer to be inspired by EuroMillions Statistics will be interested to note that the most overdue EuroMillions numbers at the time of writing are 43, 02, 09, 21 and 41 (main numbers) and 09 and 02 (Lucky Star numbers). What strikes us about these overdue numbers is that 09 and 02 are overdue both as main numbers and as Lucky Stars. Of course, that doesn’t actually change their odds of appearing (all numbers have exactly the same chance of being drawn) but it will certainly be interesting to see how those particular numbers fare this evening.

Whilst players everywhere will be hoping to land the £46 million jackpot tonight, you can still win big money even if the jackpot rolls again. In the previous EuroMillions draw last Friday, six players matched five main numbers and just one of the Lucky Stars to win £206,090 each. That isn’t anything like winning a multi-million pound jackpot, but it isn’t a bad prize to pick up for coming close!

Play EuroMillions online today, enjoy the draw and be sure to let us know if you win big!

Written by Ian Bruce

Published: Tuesday 16th August 2011

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