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Festive Frenzy for Lottery Players

Festive Frenzy for Lottery Players
Updated: Wednesday 9th April 2014

An eighth consecutive jackpot rollover in the EuroMillions game has helped to get lottery players into a real festive frenzy this week. The midweek game on Tuesday 18 December offered a jackpot worth £70 million, but thanks to the rollover the next game this Friday 21 December will offer an even more colossal jackpot of around £81 million. Friday’s EuroMillions draw is the last one remaining before Christmas Day, so if you fancy having more cash than Santa it might be a very good idea to get involved!

The EuroMillions results on Tuesday were 14, 18, 20, 35, and 44, and the Lucky Star numbers were 02 and 05. Four tickets – including one that was purchased right here in the UK – matched all five main numbers as well as one of the Lucky Stars to win a second-tier consolation prize worth £254,961 each. Five tickets matched the five main numbers without either Lucky Star to win a third-tier prize of £67,989 each, and we are very pleased to report that one UK ticket was successful there too!

There were more than 2.34 million prizes won across all 13 prize levels (although obviously the jackpot level was completely vacant of winners), including 52 prizes of £3,268 that went to each of the tickets matching four main numbers and both of the Lucky Stars. The biggest winner of all in the UK last night was the owner of the ticket bearing the Millionaire Raffle number CWS208075, and that means someone ended yesterday with £1,000,000 more than they woke up with!

Read those last few words again: someone ended yesterday with £1,000,000 more than they woke up with… and consider that everyone who participates in a lottery game has a chance to experience an equally impressive transformation in their finances. And yes, that does include you.

There is a midweek Lotto jackpot up for grabs tonight (Wednesday 19 December) that is estimated to be worth around £2.2 million, and the only thing you have to do to be in with a chance of winning that cash is buy yourself a ticket. Last week there were two midweek jackpot winners who landed themselves £1,050,547 each, and although they probably didn’t expect to beat the odds they chose to buy a ticket or two anyway. As it happened, Fortune saw fit to reward their optimism, and the winners will be celebrating to the end of 2012 and beyond.

Will it be your turn to celebrate in the £2.2 million Lotto game tonight? Or maybe even in the £81 million EuroMillions game on Friday? The only way to find out is to demonstrate some optimism by entering your numbers online and hope that Fortune decides in your favour. Good luck and give us a shout if you win big!

Written by Tony Sharpe

Published: Wednesday 19th December 2012

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