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Family Holiday for Bonus Ball Winners

Family Holiday for Bonus Ball Winners
Updated: Wednesday 16th September 2015

A family holiday is on the shopping list for a syndicate of four family members which won a second-tier prize in the Lotto game on Saturday 1 October. The lottery results for that draw were 04, 15, 17, 26, 37 and 41, and the Bonus Ball was 29. Michael and Christine McNeil, along with their adult children Ian and Samantha, won £106,339 after matching five main numbers and the Bonus Ball, and now Christine and Michael intend to pay off their mortgage before booking a holiday for the whole family.

Fortunately for Christine, that’s a lot more than she initially thought she’d be able to do with their winnings because when she first checked their numbers on the night of the draw she thought they had won just £10!

“After X Factor finished we decided to go up to bed and I thought I’d just quickly check the results on my phone,” Christine explained. “At first I saw that we’d matched three numbers and I was happy with that, but then I realised that we’d also got the fourth and fifth number, plus the bonus ball, and I couldn’t believe it!”

The best thing for a lottery winner to do when they are unsure of whether of not they are dreaming is get someone else to confirm the win, and Christine did precisely that.

“I got Michael to check, and then our daughter double checked,” Christine said. “We then called our son and he came over, as he lives just round the corner, and he couldn’t believe it either. I just couldn’t take it in so went over the road to my mother-in-law’s to make sure we were right, still wearing my pyjamas!”

The McNeil family won their prize by taking advantage of the Lucky Dip feature when they bought their ticket, and we offer all four members our heartiest congratulations. We don’t know if any of them fancy winning even more cash this week but if so there is a double rollover jackpot of around £30 million to play for in the EuroMillions game tonight (Tuesday 18 October). Good luck to everyone who buys lottery tickets online for that game and enjoy the draw!

Written by Ian Bruce

Published: Tuesday 18th October 2011

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