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Exciting EuroMillions Changes to Make More UK Millionaires

Exciting EuroMillions Changes to Make More UK Millionaires

Changes to EuroMillions will take place following the draw on Friday 23rd September 2016, with an additional UK Millionaire Maker winner being created in every draw and a host of exciting promotions promised for players across Europe. To celebrate the first major changes made to the game since May 2011, a Superdraw will be held on Friday 30th September with a guaranteed jackpot of €130 million, expected to be around £100 million depending on the exchange rate on the day.

As well as two UK Millionaire Maker prizes of £1 million guaranteed to be won in every draw, there will be a new UK Monthly Bonus Draw worth £1 million, and Mega Friday will be extended to Mega Week, with even more awards on offer in the last Tuesday and Friday draws of every month. It is expected these changes will lead to 250 UK millionaires being created by EuroMillions every year, in addition to the big winners from the other eight participating countries.

The percentage of the prize fund allocated to the EuroMillions jackpot will rise from 32 percent, as it stands currently, to 43.2 percent, allowing the top prize to roll quicker to gigantic amounts. The jackpot cap will remain at €190 million (around £157 million), although there will be four draws allowed at that level without a winner before the full prize rolls down to the next tier containing winners, as opposed to the single draw allowed currently. Funds from ticket sales that would have been added to the jackpot for these draws will be shared between winners in the next prize tier.

A European Millionaire Maker game will be introduced on selected occasions during the year, which will work in a similar manner to the UK Millionaire Maker. The first of these will take place at the end of October, when 25 millionaires will be created across the continent.

An additional Lucky Star will be added to the matrix when the changes are made, increasing the pool to 12. The number of main balls will remain at 50, although the odds of winning the jackpot will rise to approximately one in 140 million from one in 117 million. Despite the slight adjustment to the ball pool, there will still be a one in 13 chance of winning a prize in every draw. The price of a single EuroMillions line will also increase to £2.50 to help fund the additional prizes on offer to players and to ensure the lottery continues to raise impressive sums for its many good causes.

The new EuroMillions rules, which are expected to double the number of jackpots worth more than £50 million every year, will be introduced in time for the draw on Tuesday 27th September, which will also be a Mega Week draw with multiple Millionaire Maker prizes available for UK players. 

Published: Tuesday 12th July 2016

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