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Excitement surges as the National Lottery's 100 UK Millionaires Raffle Approaches!

Excitement surges as the National Lottery's 100 UK Millionaires Raffle Approaches!
Updated: Thursday 3rd October 2013

As the temperature outside rises, so does excitement over the National Lottery 100 Millionaires Raffle draw which will take place on Friday 26th July 2013.  

Euromillions remains popular across Europe but UK players have something extra special in store for them for the draw on Friday 26th July 2013.

Instead of just one £1 million Millionaire Raffle prize, the National Lottery is giving away one hundred £1 million raffle prizes so the chance for UK ticket holders to win a £1 million prize has just shot up! Although some players refer to the Millionaire Raffle as the Euro Raffle, it’s worth remembering that this is a prize available exclusively to players who purchase tickets in the UK and, with players from other European countries excluded, the chances of a £1 million win get even better. Whether you call it the Millionaire Raffle or the Euro Raffle one thing is certain – this special draw offers UK players better odds of winning a £1 million prize than any other lottery anywhere in the world! And if that isn’t tempting enough then remember that an entry into the Millionaire Raffle is free with every line of Euromillions numbers purchased!

How does the Millionaire Raffle work? For every line of Euromillions numbers purchased in the UK, a Millionaire Raffle code is automatically generated and included on the ticket. This code is alpha/numeric and each one is unique so none of the 100 £1 million prizes will be split with another player. To read more about the 100 Millionaires Raffle, please click here.

If you have a holiday coming up and won’t be in the UK for a week or two, or if you simply don’t fancy queuing for tickets in this hot weather, playing online is the ideal solution. Tickets can be purchased up to four weeks in advance if you plan on playing at least one Euromillions lottery each week. However, if you only want to enter the Euromillions draw with 100 Millionaire Raffle prizes then tickets for the draw on Friday 26th July 2013, which includes free entry codes for the 100 UK Millionaire Raffle draw, will be available online after this Friday’s Euromillions draw has taken place.

You can buy Euromillions tickets online via our Lottery Tickets page. Players who haven’t already registered an account will find this is a quick and simple way of ensuring that your ticket is kept safe and that you automatically receive notification of any winnings. The most significant benefit of the online system is that any winning will be paid directly into your online account.

For players who prefer a paper ticket then a visit to our Euromillions Results page immediately after the draw will give you access to the winning numbers, with prize breakdown, as well as the Number Checker which allows you to enter your own numbers and see whether you are due a prize. However, with 100 Millionaire Raffle numbers to check after the draw on Friday 26th July you may think that now is a good time to register for an account and start buying your tickets online!

If you don’t play online then please remember to sign your ticket immediately, keep it safe and check your numbers straight after the draw. Following the 100 UK Millionaire draw in July last year, 3 ticket holders failed to come forward and it’s reasonable fair to speculate that they probably either lost their ticket or didn’t check their numbers and so missed out on the £1 million prizes they had won. Don’t let that be you after the draw on Friday 26th July!

Good luck everyone!

Written by Tony Sharpe

Published: Wednesday 24th July 2013

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