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EuroMillions Won by UK Ticket!

EuroMillions Won by UK Ticket!
Updated: Monday 15th February 2016

The Friday night EuroMillions game surrendered its jackpot, which had a final value of £24,769,932, to one entry that had been purchased by a player right here in the UK. That success brought the number of UK jackpot wins to 56 since the game began, and the only other countries which have fared better are Portugal (58 wins), Spain (76 wins) and France (79 wins). It has been confirmed that the owner of the ticket which matched all seven numbers has already come forward to claim their prize, so if they choose to go public we should have more details in the next day or two.

Those of you who haven’t yet checked your tickets will be interested to know that the main numbers drawn on Friday 12 February were 03, 20, 28, 31 and 49, and the Lucky Star numbers were 02 and 05. There were two tickets – one purchased in France and the other in Spain – that matched all five main numbers and one of the Lucky Stars to win a second tier prize worth €760,400 each.

There were 15 entries (7 of which were made by UK players) that matched the five main numbers only to win £24,725 each, and another 69 tickets won £2,687 each by matching four main numbers and both of the Lucky Stars. The total number of prizes won in the main game was 2,455,726, and the total amount of prize money won by participants in this country was £27,899,418. A separate prize of £1 million was also won in the Millionaire Maker game, and the winning code on Friday was TBT862658.

The jackpot-winning success in both Friday’s EuroMillions game and Saturday night’s Lotto game means that both of the UK’s most popular lotteries will offer brand new jackpots in the week ahead. The EuroMillions jackpot on Tuesday will be worth an estimated £11 million, whilst the Lotto jackpot on Wednesday is expected to be worth around £2.2 million.

One of the most overdue main numbers (49) was drawn in the EuroMillions game on Friday, so the ones to watch out for in the next game are 42, 07, 34, 14 and 16, and the most overdue Lucky Star numbers are 10 and 03.

We congratulate everyone who won a prize of any kind over the Valentine’s Day weekend, and we wish the best of luck to those of you who will be trying to win big in the midweek draws coming up over the next few days. Download one of our free lottery apps to get the results delivered direct to your mobile, and don’t forget to let us know if you win big!

Published: Monday 15th February 2016

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