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EuroMillions Winners Go Public

EuroMillions Winners Go Public
Updated: Tuesday 22nd April 2014

The winners of the £101 million EuroMillions jackpot on Friday 7 October have gone public and can therefore be named as Dave and Angela Dawes of Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. The couple aren’t actually married right now because they couldn’t previously afford it, but Angela took Dave’s surname anyway and the EuroMillions win of £101,203,600 means that they can now officially tie the knot in style. Dave and Angela are the third biggest lottery winners in the UK, which is a remarkable achievement, but what is even more incredible is the fact that they had only played the EuroMillions game twice before!

The first time the couple played EuroMillions, Dave selected the numbers for their lottery ticket and they didn’t match any of them. He therefore gave Angela the task of choosing the numbers for their second attempt, but she didn’t fare any better. On their third attempt the couple chose a line each, and it proved to be third time lucky. The couple watched the EuroMillions draw take place live on television, so they were aware of their success straight away.

Until today, Dave worked as a shift supervisor for Premier Foods, but he announced during a press conference earlier this afternoon that he has now officially retired. Angela does volunteer work for the British Heart Foundation. The couple intend to get married in June 2012 and to buy a property in Chelsea, which will be quite a leap up from the £70 a week single bedroom flat that they currently share in Wisbech. They also plan to buy a property in Portugal, where Angela’s parents live.

Like all lottery winners, Dave and Angela have every right to keep every penny of their jackpot win for themselves, but they aren’t the type to do that. Instead they intend to share some of their good fortune with their friends and family. “We’ve got 15 to 20 people that we’re sort of going to make millionaires,” Dave said matter-of-factly.

Having made the decision to go public, it will be interesting to see how the couple deal with the begging letters and unwanted attention that will inevitably follow. When Chris and Colin Weir won £161 million in July of this year they were so inundated with requests for money that they ended up going into hiding for a while. Hopefully the Dawes will have noted that and will have made appropriate plans to cope should they experience a similar avalanche of requests.

We congratulate Dave and Angela on winning the third biggest lottery jackpot in the UK and we wish them both a long and happy future together.

Written by Ian Bruce

Published: Tuesday 11th October 2011

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