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Euromillions Twelfth Rollover

Euromillions Twelfth Rollover
Updated: Wednesday 4th July 2018

This lottery journalist almost threw her coffee over the ceiling this morning when she checked the Euromillions results. Surely someone must have won the staggering £141,820,902 jackpot? My loud cry when I saw it hadn’t been won startled the cat off the bed and probably made the neighbours wonder what I was up to. It’s ANOTHER Euromillions Rollover. It has now rolled over twelve times, putting this Tuesday's estimated Euromillions jackpot at an estimated £154,000,000.

Not one ticket managed to match those five balls and two Lucky Stars, but 5.7 million of Europe's residents are waking to the news they have won at least something on the sensational Euromillions draw.

14 players matched five balls with one Lucky Star to walk away with £159,128, and 28 players are now £26,521 richer. Countless millions won smaller prizes, with 3.1 million matching two balls to win £2.60.

When jackpots become so astoundingly large, ticket safety becomes a priority. That humble slip of paper floating around in your pocket could become one of the most expensive pieces of paper in history. And that is why it is so vital to purchase your Euromillions tickets online. Not only will you never lose a ticket again, but you are notified of a win automatically.

With the recent addition of two extra Lucky Star numbers, Euromillions rollovers will be more commonplace. The next question is  just how far is it possible for a Euromillions jackpot to climb? Well the cap for the jackpot is €185 million, approximately £167 million so if it rolls again on Tuesday then we could soon see additional funds from tickets sales roll down to the lower prize tiers. Buy your Euromillions entries today – and it could be you who puts a stop to this phenomenal rollover run on Tuesday.

Written by Diana Nubuck

Published: Saturday 2nd July 2011

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