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EuroMillions Triple Rollover

EuroMillions Triple Rollover
Updated: Wednesday 13th August 2014

Lottery fans in the UK and across Europe will be able to play for a EuroMillions triple rollover jackpot worth an estimated £34 million this Friday 16 May after no ticket succeeded in matching all seven of the numbers drawn in the midweek game. The EuroMillions results on Tuesday 13 May were 04, 13, 30, 34 and 47, with the numbers 02 and 06 appearing as the Lucky Stars, and although the jackpot itself wasn't landed there were plenty of other reasons for players to celebrate, with more than 1.66 million tickets picking up a consolation prize of some kind.

Three tickets matched all five main numbers and one of the Lucky Stars to take down a second tier prize worth £243,327 each, and one of those tickets had been purchased by a EuroMillions player in the UK. Another UK ticket was one of four that matched the five main numbers only to win the smaller, but still substantial, sum of £60,831 each.

There were 43 tickets that matched four main numbers and both of the Lucky Stars to win £2,829 each, and all other winning tickets landed smaller prizes by matching fewer numbers. The combined value of all prizes won by UK players was £2,130,045, and another £1,000,000 was also landed by a player who matched the Millionaire Raffle number BFY309887.

All EuroMillions games are popular, but rollover jackpot games are particularly so, and the triple rollover jackpot this Friday is sure to attract plenty of casual players as well as regular fans. Anyone who intends to take part is advised to buy their tickets early in order to avoid any last-minute rush, and players who do that online will automatically receive an email if their entry succeeds in winning a prize.

Before we get to the next EuroMillions game this Friday, we have the midweek Lotto and Health Lottery games to enjoy this evening. The most overdue numbers in the Lotto game are 15, 24, 02, 19, 21 and 41, and the most overdue numbers in the Health Lottery game are 02, 37, 23, 18 and 08. Whatever numbers you choose to play, click here to enter them online and good luck!

Written by Tony Sharpe

Published: Wednesday 14th May 2014

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