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EuroMillions Superdraw this Friday!

EuroMillions Superdraw this Friday!
Updated: Friday 27th September 2019

This Friday’s EuroMillions game is a special Superdraw, which will offer a jackpot that is guaranteed to be worth €130 million. At current conversion rates, that should be worth around £112 million, and every ticket entered for the game will have exactly the same chance of winning that prize, with the odds of winning any prize in the main game set at 1 in 13.

This Superdraw is part of the first ever Mega Week, which is designed to make things even more exciting – and profitable – for EuroMillions players in the UK. In the first game of this week, 10 lucky participants each won a guaranteed prize of £1 million, as well as a 100-day trip around the world, thanks to a special Millionaire Maker draw. Now there is even more to play for tomorrow night, and anyone who manages to win the £112 million jackpot outright would be able to buy as many round-the-world trips as they could ever want – not just this year or next year, but for decades to come!

Although the Superdraw jackpot will be worth many times more than the new base jackpot value of €17 million, the cost of entries for the Superdraw game is exactly the same as usual. For that reason, many players will be planning to make the most of the opportunity to win big by purchasing several tickets and thereby increasing their chances of success. 

Players who want to enter random selections of numbers, but who don’t like to do so blindly by using the Lucky Dip system, may find it useful to take our EuroMillions Number Generator for a spin. Simply tap the Generate Numbers button on that page and it will generate five main numbers and two Lucky Star numbers for your consideration. And, if you don’t like the numbers that are generated for you, you can simply tap the button again for a different selection.

Those of you who make use of our EuroMillions Statistics page will note that it now displays statistics which apply since the new rules came into effect last Tuesday. If you would like to view statistics which include the games played before then, simply use the pull-down menu labelled ‘Draw Period’ to select your chosen time frame and the corresponding statistics will be displayed automatically.

You can also improve your odds of winning a prize in tomorrow's draw by joining a syndicate. When you play EuroMillions as part of a group, you can enter more tickets into the draw without having to shoulder the cost all by yourself. If you don't fancy putting together a syndicate agreement, collecting money, buying tickets and distributing any prize money won, you can join an online syndicate by visiting the Buy EuroMillions Tickets page.

No matter how you choose to play in the £112 million Superdraw game this Friday, be sure to buy your tickets by 7.30pm BST, and good luck!

Published: Thursday 29th September 2016

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