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EuroMillions Superdraw Jackpot Rolls

EuroMillions Superdraw Jackpot Rolls
Updated: Wednesday 14th May 2014

The EuroMillions Superdraw jackpot on Friday night was worth a guaranteed €100 million, which would have been worth £82.9 million had a UK player matched all seven of the numbers drawn. That didn't happen, but no other player achieved the feat either, so the Superdraw jackpot rolled over to the next game on Tuesday 11 March, when it is expected to be worth around £92 million. If you haven't checked your tickets yet you might want to do so now, because more than 4.13 million consolation prizes were landed on Friday, and some of those prizes were substantial.

The EuroMillions results on Friday 7 March were 05, 10, 38, 40 and 41, and the Lucky Star numbers were 01 and 08. A second tier prize of £316,429 was landed by each of six tickets that matched all five of the main numbers and one of the Lucky Star numbers, and we are pleased to add that one of those tickets had been purchased right here in the UK. There were 11 tickets that matched the five main numbers only to win £57,532 each, and all of the other consolation prizes were landed at the lower levels by tickets matching fewer numbers. The Millionaire Raffle number on Friday was CXW334054, so the lucky ticket bearing that number is now worth £1,000,000.

In the Lotto game on Saturday night the jackpot had a final value of £2,996,753, and one ticket won that sum outright by matching all six main numbers. Those numbers were 02, 09, 12, 26, 31 and 44, and the Bonus Ball number was 05. There were 21 tickets that matched five main numbers as well as the Bonus Ball, and each of those tickets won a second tier prize of £11,290 as a result. 542 tickets won £374 each by matching five main numbers only, and over 387,000 tickets won smaller prizes by matching fewer numbers. The Lotto Raffle game delivered a prize of £20,000 to each of 50 winners, and it will do the same again this Wednesday, when the Lotto jackpot is expected to be worth around £2.2 million.

Health Lottery players saw the welcome return of Hot Ticket raffle prizes on Saturday, and ten players are £2,000, £5,000 or £10,000 richer after winning one of those. The results in the main game were 17, 26, 32, 43 and 48, and the Bonus Ball was 11. No player matched all five main numbers and so the top prize went unclaimed, but  over 8,000 consolation prizes were landed by tickets matching fewer numbers, with or without the Bonus Ball number.

Congratulations to everyone who managed to win themselves a prize in the last few days, and good luck to those of you who will be trying to land the £92 million EuroMillions jackpot this Tuesday. Head this way to buy your tickets online and good luck with your numbers!

Written by Tony Sharpe

Published: Monday 10th March 2014

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